Hello, a gaming elf here! Welcome to my official website! A place to keep you up to date on events, projects, and all sorts of silly shenanigans that I'm up to. The goal of this website is to build another place for me, ashvin, to connect with my Leafeons! This isn't just a place for me but you guys as well! I have incorporated two feature to get you involved. One, is "Loyal Leafeon Of The Month", this section is displayed at the home page showing off some of my best supporters. Two, is a "Forum" [Under-construction] tab, there we can discuss different topics, get to know each other, and have a fun time! 

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Get To Know "ashvinelf"

In the Desert of California, on the glorious spring morning of May 9th, I logged into life with flying colors of green, green, and more green! I was naturally born with a creative mindset of thinking out of the box. Throughout my early years of life I was praised for my activities in creative and performing arts. Although, those praises slowly dim as many of my peers and mentors couldn't remind me enough that creativity wouldn't pay the bills. Despite the lack of support I found a place to express my artistry, a platform known as "YouTube". As time moved on I grew more and more active in the community and that brings me to where I am today. 

With now over 15k  subscribers on YouTube and still growing, I put loads of effort into making content for my channel. From gaming to vlogs, I do what I can to show originality and integrate a twist to everything I post. I work on and participate in multiple projects, events, and always make sure I'm keeping active in the YouTube universe. I personally believe if you want something to be your job you should treat it as if it already is. Working hard, sacrificing, and lack of sleep are all signs you are doing all you can to reach a goal. Being on YouTube almost from the beginning has given me many opportunities that have become a huge part of my channel's growth.

Starting off as a "Vlogger", I was given the chance to join a collab channel known as "Time of Gay" exposing me to huge amount of LGBT YouTubers who are now to big to even know my name. But it was still one of the large steps that led me to what I doing now, which I would describe as being a "Professional Video Game and Kawaii Guru for the International Well Being of Humanity" or for short PVGKGIWBH.

My overall mission is to leave the world a little better than I found it. Privileged with a brain of a visionary, I will use it as a tool to create and construct amazing ideas and concepts that will change the world around me in the most positive ways possible.